Sister city project

Mylly is launching a networking and exhibition exchange project between Bodo, Norway and Svendborg, Denmark, Kuopio’s sister cities. The project will start with visits and online exhibitions organised in 2021. The project has received funding from the City of Kuopio and the Finnish-Norwegian Cultural Foundation.

Portfolio and website project

Mylly has a currently ongoing project that involves providing members with training on building a description of artwork and an online portfolio. The project also involves creating the new Mylly website. You are browsing that website right now! The project is funded by the North Savo Regional Fund of the Finnish Cultural Foundation.


In 2019–2020, Mylly was celebrating its 10th anniversary with the theme 10 years - 10 good deeds. The event series was carried out with funding from the Arts Promotion Centre Finland.

In 2017, the TYÖPAJA-WÖRKSHOP project was carried out with funding from the Ministry of Education and Culture. The project aimed to strengthen the professional activities in arts and the creative sector in the Kuopio region.

In 2016, the Virtauksia project promoting employment in the creative sectors funded by the ELY Centre was carried out as a sub-project of a ESF project by the Kuopio Rouvasväenyhdistys association. A share of the project funding also came from the City of Kuopio.

In 2015, the North Savo Regional Fund of the Finnish Cultural Foundation provided a grant to Mylly as a regional key project.

In 2013, the Ministry of Education and Culture provided funding for creating tourism products based on the Mylly services.

Mylly has been supported by the City of Kuopio for carrying out its annual summer exhibitions.