Solo and group exhibitions, workshops and sales events, meetings and open-door events. Mylly organises various events throughout the year for the enjoyment of its members and audiences.

Some of the events have been cancelled due to the COVID epidemic.


Exhibitions by members

Mylly organises exhibitions by its members every year. In recent years, exhibitions have been held in Kuopio, Siilinjärvi, Vuonislahti in Lieksa and Pieksämäki. In 2021, an exhibition by Mylly’s members will be held in Varkaus.

Mylly’s pop-up window gallery

Mylly maintains a window gallery in the free business premises of the Apaja shopping centre in Kuopio city centre. Members can book the exhibition space free of charge for private and joint exhibitions.

Open Doors and sales events

The Mylly Centre for Creative Sectors occasionally organises Open Doors events that provide audiences with an opportunity to get to know our members, visit their work spaces, and purchase art and products directly from our artists.

Mylly also organises sales events, typically in the summer and around winter, which enable visitors to purchase pieces and products by Mylly’s artists, designers and craftspeople.

Thursday coffee break

Mylly serves as a community not only for its members but also for other cultural, art and creative sector operators in the region. The Thursday coffee break is a relaxed meeting between the different operators and it is organised around once per month in different locations.

Mylly carries out some of its activities as projects, based on needs and the interests of its members. The projects aim to employ the members and therefore make use of the proficiency found in the community for the common good.